Huge Best Buy Limited Time Weekend OLED TV Deals Are Live Now

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It’s game time at Best Buy right now with some great deals on some gorgeous OLED big screen TVs. Don't miss out on these deals from big brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and Hisense, whether you're watching the NHL or NBA playoffs.

Great Sony 55-inch Bravia XR Deal

Sony brings games to life with its 55-inch Bravia XR A75L OLED 4K smart TV. The company touts its pure OLED black and vibrant color as selling points, and the fact it is powered by the Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR.

The Cogninitive Processor XR is said to deliver a picture with a wide dynamic contrast, detailed blacks, natural colors, and high peak brightness. In order to be able to take in as much content as possible, Sony added the option of Google TV, as well as supporting Apple AirPlay.

Sony 55 inch tv

Gamers will find the Game Menu as an added bonus. This menu puts all the gaming picture settings and exclusive assist features in a single, easy-to-manage interface. Gamers can also take advantage of having HDMI 2.1 features such as 4K/120fps, VRR, and ALLM.

Adding to the allure is Acoustic Surface Audio and support for Dolby Atmos. Never miss a hearing an enemy’s footstep nearby with the immersive sound that Sony says supports Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, and more.

The Sony 55-inch Bravia XR A74L OLED 4K smart TV is $400 off for only $1,199.99.

Deals Samsung 83-inch Class S90C OLED TVs

If 65-inches is just not enough screen real estate, then be sure to check out Samsung’s 83-inch Class S90C OLED smart TV. This behemoth rocks a Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling, which is capable of transforming content into 4K.

The TV may be massive, but its profile is slim and sleek, thanks to Samsung’s LaserSlim design. Even with that slim profile, Samsung says cables can be easily hidden with the company’s Infinity One Design and Slim One Connect.

83in S90C OLED

Gamers will find joy in being able to take advantage of Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo+. The company says there is no need to go slow when a gamer can play smoothly, even during the fastest gaming content. Visuals should also be lag free and without motion blur, creating seamless action.

The Samsung 83-inch S90C OLED smart TV is an incredible $500 off for $3,499.99.

Also available from Samsung is the Samsung 65-inch S95C OLED 4K UHD smart TV is currently $400 off for $2,299.99.

LG 55-inch Class C3 OLED evo 4K TV

Not to be left out of the stellar deals on big screen TVs, LG is offering up its 55-inch Class C3 OLED evo 4K TV. LG’s Brightness Booster is said to improve brightness so the picture remains luminous and with high-contrast, even in well-lit rooms.

For those that wish their TV could do more than just deliver the big game on the weekends, LG has added its Art Gallery option. So, when the game is over, simply display a painting, photos, or other content to blend the LG OLED evo C3 into its surroundings.

lg 55 inch oled tv

The TV is powered by LG’s a9 AI Processor Gen6, which LG says will deliver better picture and performance. Take advantage of the processor by tapping into webOS 23, LG ThinQ AI, and the Magic Remote. There is even a Filmmaker Mode, which allows viewers to see films just as the director intended.

The LG 55-inch Class C3 Series OLED evo 4K UHD smart TV is currently $200 off for just $1,299.99.

Also available from LG is the LG 55-inch G3 Series OLED evo 4K UHD smart TV is $200 off for $1,799.99.

If none of those tickle the fancy, check out HotHardware’s Honorable Mention: The Hisense 65-inch Class U8 Mini-LED QLED 4K smart TV is $200 off for just $899.99.
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