Lian Li V1000, Logitech Z-2300 THX, HIS X850XT IceQ II Turbo and Wireless Skype?!?

Lian Li V1000 review @

"I'm torn. In some ways, this is the best case I've ever worked inside: it's sexy, it's roomy, it's sturdy, and it's easy to use. On the other hand, there are some issues that limit its flexibility..."

Logitech Z-2300 THX Certified 2.1 Speaker System Review @ FutureLooks:

"In this day and age of 5.1 speakers and surround sound, is there still a place for a set of top end 2.1 speakers that can rock your world? Of course there is! For the music lovers everywhere, 2.1 is where it's at, and we check out Logitech's top drawer offering to see if they are up to task."

HIS X850XT IceQ II Turbo @ Viperlair:

"The HIS X850XT IceQ II Turbo did well today in our tests, and provides enough performance for AGP motherboard owners to perhaps convince you that it may not be necessary to upgrade to a PCIe board if you're only interested in a single card upgrade."

Build a Skype phone...or how to make use of that old wireless phone just laying around.

While not a review, this was an interesting project nonetheless. If you use Skype regularly and want wireless freedom, this is a straight forward project that can give you the same experience as a cordless phone! A cool read for sure.