LG's 4X-9X Optical Zoom Sensor Says Goodbye To The Camera Bump And Hello To Snapdragon

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LG's new camera module is said to deliver 4x-9x optical zoom, without the annoying camera bump. The collaboration between LG Innotek and Qualcomm will be revealed at CES 2023.

Having a powerful camera that is able to be stored in your pocket has required companies to include camera modules that protrude out from the back of a device. Not only that, but smartphones have gone from having one camera on the back to two or three. However, LG Innotek has announced that it has developed a camera that will negate the need for a bump and all the extra cameras.

The Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module (Optical Zoom Camera) is set to be revealed at CES 2023 for the first time. It is a micro-component developed for a smartphone by integrating the telescopic camera functions that have been mostly found on cameras such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It is designed to be mounted on the rear side of a smartphone and will be capable of capturing images and video without image degradation even while zooming from long distances.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

LG says that the main advantage of this product is "that optical zoom camera filming is possible in all magnifications freely in the sections of 4-9 times with one module."

Currently, a "fixed zoom module" enables optical zoom camera filming in only the specific magnification, while digital zoom is applied to other magnification sections. In other words, both the 4-time and 9-time fixed zoom modules must be mounted separately for filming in high-definition in the two magnifications of 4 and 9-times.

The zoom actuator is said to be a key component of the camera module, and has a definitive impact on the image quality. A zoom actuator needs to move the lens quickly and accurately to set the focus in order to obtain high-definition filming. The zoom actuator developed by LG Innotek provides accuracy and high moving speed, along with durability, and less battery usage.

CEO Jeong Cheol-dong added, "Smartphone cameras will be evolved into the direction of enhancing the performance of optical zoom centrally on the premium smartphones. As the global leading smartphone camera module company, LG Innotek will be one step ahead in introducing innovative products that provide pleasant experience and good impression to the customers, and innovation will be provided continuously for customer value."

LG's press release added that the company has joined forces with Qualcomm Technologies to optimize software for Optical Continuous Zoom. Stay tuned to HotHardware for more information about this product and all the other announcements that will be coming out of CES 2023.