Latest LG G8X ThinQ Allegedly Leaked In New Renders With Teardrop Notch And 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The gang over at OnLeaks frequently ferrets out new images of smartphones well before they launch. The latest leaked renderings the publication has for us to check out are allegedly of the LG G8X smartphone. OnLeaks notes that the renderings are "maybe" the G8X, so these could possibly be of another device.

lg g8x front

The smartphone is expected to launch at IFA 2019 when things get underway in Berlin later this month. The first thing we notice is that the smartphone has thin, but certainly visible bezels all the way around. It has a notch, but the notch is a water drop shape right in the middle of the screen. It's not as polished a look as the hole punch displays the Galaxy Note 10 devices use.

The smartphone is thought to be the successor to the G8 ThinQ that launched in February at Mobile World Congress. Some might not like the fact that the LG G8X has a glass back panel, which is increasingly becoming commonplace on flagship smartphone to support wireless charging. The rear cameras are in a line across the back, and unlike some smartphones, these cameras are under the glass back, making them flush with the rear of the device.

lg g8x side

A feature that many will appreciate is that the 3.5mm headphone port is present and the device charges via USB-C. The power button is on the right side with the volume keys on the left. A button below the volume keys is thought to be the Google Assistant button. The SIM card tray is on top of the device and along the bottom, near the charge port, is the speaker.

This LG smartphone has a speaker grill near the top of the screen on the front, indicating it won't use the Crystal Sound OLED screen that needs no speaker to produce sound. As for the chipset inside the smartphone, a Snapdragon 855 or 855+ is expected, and the screen is through to offer QHD resolution. 

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