Lenovo’s Motorola Being Groomed To Kick Apple, Samsung Butt in China

Lenovo knows a thing or two about rising to the top. Just ask every other PC maker on the planet -- by volume, Lenovo is the top supplier of PCs around the world, sitting on top of HP, Dell, and every other player. Samsung and Apple should take note of this, as Lenovo is turning its attention to the mobile market and has its sights set on China.

The company already has a mobile presence in China with its own branded devices, though with the $2.9 billion Motorola Mobility acquisition now complete, Lenovo is setting itself up to be a major force in the high-end handset market. Up to this point, Samsung and Apple have owned this territory. 

Motorola Moto X
Image Source: Flickr (Anderson Leonardo)

Motorola Mobility boss Rick Osterloh told Reuters that it has high hopes of being success in China, which he noted is a big market.

"We believe that what we're really going to succeed in doing is hopefully take some share from other people in the [Chinese] market," Osterloh added.

Lenovo will use its Motorola brand to compete in the premium smartphone sector in China as it looks to steal some share away from Samsung and Apple. In the mid--range market, Lenovo's main competitor is Xiaomi, though it's not clear if Lenovo will wield its Motorola brand there as well, as the company mainly wants Motorola to represent higher-end smartphones.