Leaked Screenshots Detail Microsoft Spartan Web Browser For Windows 10 Smartphones

Windows 10 is due out this summer and enthusiasts around the globe are positively excited for its release. After all, Windows 8.x hasn’t exactly been a resounding success for Microsoft and Windows 10 looks to solve the software giant’s OS woes while at the same time adding new features that make users more productive.

One of the most anticipated new features in Windows 10 is the Spartan web browser, which will replace the long-serving Internet Explorer. We’ve seen Spartan in action on the desktop/notebook front, but we’re now getting a closer look at Spartan in action on the mobile side thanks to some newly leaked screenshots.

spartan w10 mobile 2
(All images courtesy WindowsMania.pl)

Perhaps the biggest change with Spartan is the repositioning of the address bar from the bottom of the screen to the top (which is also in line with other mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome). I never quite understood the bottom-positioned address bar in Windows Phone, but we could spend hours discussing that design decision. The refresh button has also been moved from its right-hand position within the address bar to a new location to the left of the address bar.

Reading Lists also make an appearance in this latest build of Spartan along with Microsoft’s implementation of “Hubs” on Windows 10 for mobile devices.

spartan w10 mobile

Microsoft rolled out the first Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones back in February with limited device support. Microsoft released its second Windows 10 Technical Preview for PCs last week (unfortunately, sans Spartan), so hopefully we’ll see a new build released for smartphones users soon. And if Spartan makes an appearance in the next build, that’s just some extra chocolate syrup to put on this mobile OS sundae.