Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe, Sorell SF 2000 MP3 Player & More!

Good morning once again all!  We've lined up several good news-bits for you today.  The Tech Zone checks in with a Sorell SF 2000 MP3 player, while Bjorn3D lines up with a Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe.  When your done there, come on back and check Matt's take on Leadtek's Deluxe TV kit.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Sorell SF 2000 MP3 Player Review @ The Tech Zone:

"The Sorell SF 2000 is more than just a flash based MP3 player - there is also a built in voice recorder and FM tuner. Plus the unit can double as a USB flash drive, making filing transfer quick and easy. The SF 2000 is available in? 256MB and 512MB configurations. The player is really small, just 3.1" long by 1.2" wide by 0.59" thick and weighs just 1.52 oz. Power is supplied by a built in battery that will last an amazing 25 hours".

Multichannel Audio and HDTV @ eCoustics:

"Now you'd think, after putting all that time and effort into selecting the display device, they'd put equal effort into getting the sound right. Instead, if left on their own, they typically spend just a few minutes deciding between the $199 and the $249 pre-packaged home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB)."

Leadtek WinFast TV USB II Deluxe @ Bjorn3D:

"I can't seem to get away from the vast expanse of multi-media madness that has enveloped the lives of so many of my fellow geeks. Not only do I have 5.1 surround sound, a 20.1' LCD monitor, and a bunch of games to boot, now I have my TV in front of me at the same time. Leadtek brings to the table the WinFast TV USB II Deluxe external solution that will give you the joys of cable TV, VCR, and an FM radio right on your desktop. How do you fit so much into just a tiny little USB 2.0 box? Turn off that TV and pay attention; we are just about to find out."

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