LCDs, Headphones, Cases and a Dash of Opinion.

Hey gang.  It looks like this is a sleepy Friday with little happenings in the hardware world.  We've got a few items for you and hopefully more will roll in later.  This will be my last post for a few weeks.  By this time next week I hope to be moving in to my new place in North Carolina.  My focus will be to get up and running as quickly as possible, so I should see you back here in the first week of May.  I'll see ya then!

*Zalman ZM-RS6F Theatre 6 Real Surround Headphones Review @ myWORLD Hardware:

"The Zalman ZM-RS6F Theatre 6 Real Surround Sound headphones was designed with interesting intentions, that is to provide real multichannel audio over headphones. While it is an interesting concept, the implementation is clearly not up to par."

*Kingwin KT-424-S-WM Silver Aluminum Midtower Case review @ ICRONTIC:

"An import factor in a case is the fact that it keeps your pc cool enough to allow it to run stable. This case came standard with 3 80mm fans which is hardly enough cooling nowadays. However, I was in awe because the first thing I saw when I opened the box was a 120mm blow hole in the top of the case."

*Viewsonic VP201B 20 Inch Gaming LCD Screen @ GamePC:

"Out of the blue, Viewsonic releases the VP201 series of LCD monitors, boasting pixel refresh rates of 16ms average with a native 1600 x 1200 resolution, all packaged in an extremely thin and attractive bezel. Our first thought - too good to be true. A lot of companies have claimed similar specifications, but none have delivered performance from what would expect from a 16ms screen in reality. Amazingly, Viewsonic has not only delivered the first truly gamer-friendly large screen LCD display, they've created what may the flat-out, drop-dead, bar-none best LCD monitor we've ever had the chance to look at in the labs."

*Designtechnica has an interesting article discussing the fate of Audio DVDs and SACD:

"What do most businesspeople do when business is bad? They reexamine their products and try to find ways to make ?em better. Quality has to go up. Pricing has to go down. What do the geniuses who run America?s record companies do when business is bad? They sue their own potential customers! The insanity of this is self-evident. Today?s downloading teenager just might be tomorrow?s affluent music-library builder. But if the industry antagonizes the young today, its chances for building relationships with tomorrow?s consumers grow slimmer and slimmer, along with its chances of survival."

I'll see you back here in a couple of weeks!