Motorola Razr 5G Specs Leak Points To Larger Battery And 18W Fast Charging

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The Motorola Razr was announced to much fanfare in late 2019, and officially launched to the public in early 2020. Given the speed at which companies iterate with smartphones, it should come as no surprise that Motorola is ready to deliver a specs bump for its high-dollar flagship folding smartphone.

The latest leak, however, that has made its way to the internet is actually a bit disappointing, and it relates to the batteries that will go inside the upcoming Razr 5G. The current-generation Razr has a relatively small battery, coming in at just 2,510 mAh, which feeds a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC. The Razr 5G, on the other hand, is said to only increase battery capacity to 2,633 mAh with support for 18W fast charging. That figure comes from two batteries -- one 1,453 mAh and one 1,180 mAh -- which combines for the 2,633 mAh figure according to TUV Rheinland certification documentation.  

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For comparison, the recently released Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which would be the closest competitor for the Razr 5G, has a 3,300 mAh battery.

With that being said, the battery isn't the only thing that gets upgraded this time around. As its name implies, Motorola is reportedly adding 5G wireless support via the Snapdragon 765G mid-range SoC (which includes an integrated Snapdragon X52 5G modem). The display has also reportedly been stretched from 6.2 inches to 6.85 inches.

We're hoping that Motorola's Razr 5G is better accepted in the marketplace than its predecessor, but something has to be done about the current model's $1,499 asking price. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is priced at just $1,449 and comes with a more powerful Snapdragon 865+ SoC, which will make it hard for the Razr 5G to gain traction if it sticks with the same pricing structure.

Motorola will unveil the Razr 5G on September 9th.