LanChelms LAN Party, Sapphire Hybrid X800 PCIe, and more!

Good afternoon guys and gals :) First on the list today, is an announcement for LanChelms 160 Man LAN Party that's being held on Fed 12th. On a different note, there's a guide on "Wireless Networking Troubleshooting", which I was very glad to see as I know more and more people these days, who are freeing themselves from the shackles of the ethernet cable. Well folks, Read on and enjoy!

LanChelms 160 Man LAN Party Feb 12th!

This is a reminder to everyone that LanChelms 9 is in two weeks, Saturday February 12th, 2005 in Chelmsford, MA! LanChelms is Massachusetts's largest active LAN party, and has a long history of sellouts at our past events. Seats have not filled up! There are 203 people registered and only 126 prepaid! You only have 1 week left to prepay and secure your spot, so we suggest you get your payment in as soon as possible. Seating at the party is on a first come, first serve basis. If you don't prepay and we don't sell out ahead of time, you may not get a seat. Only 34 seats remaining, don't get left out!!

For more information: Click Here

SapphireTech Hybrid X800 256MB PCIe Video Card @ PimpRig

"The X800 comes stock clocked at 390Mhz Core and 350 MHz (700MHz effective) memory. I can already tell you that the Samsung GDDR3 RAM on this card is seriously under-clocked at 350MHz since it is rated for 500MHz (Samsung Part#: K4J55323QF-GC20). With a healthy overclock and the extra 4 pipelines this should be a nice card."

Sapphire HYBRID X800XL @ LostCircuits

"The launch of the R430 core has left the enthusiast community waiting in awe for the new gems to materialize on the shelves and on-line inventories. Sixteen pixel pipelines paired with 256 MB of on board GDDR3-based frame buffer at an estimated retail price of $300,- are potent stimulants of salivary glands. Sublingual, maxillary or whatever - it is drool time. We grabbed one of these puppies, that is, specifically the Sapphire X800XL "HYBRID" and checked whether the new kid on the block lives up to the expectations."

Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB SATA Hard Drive @ Systemcooling

"The drive we're looking at today is the top of the DiamondMax 10 line, with its SATA interface, 300GB capacity, 16MB of cache, and NCQ (native command queueing) support to boot. It's got all the tools, and we'll find out if the performance is there to match its lofty specifications."

Wireless Networking Troubleshooting Guide @ The Tech Zone

"In fact, most problems associated with wireless networking fall into three main categories: problems connecting initially, throughput and connection speed problems, and coverage issues. To get you back up and running we present the TTZ Wireless Networking Troubleshooting Guide. The guide covers all three wireless issues you're likely to encounter - with fixes and solutions to all of them."

GeCube Radeon X800XL & X850XT Graphics Cards @ TweakTown

"Today we compare the performance of two new ATI Radeon high-end graphics chips - the Radeon X800XL & X850XT through retail cards from GeCube. After examining each card we compare the performance of each against an nVidia GeForce 6600GT and 6800 Ultra which are what ATI's new cards are aimed at competing against. So, will it be nVidia or ATI in your gaming system? Read on and find out!"

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