Lakemaid Beer Company Testing Drone Delivery Of Cold Ones To Customers

Amazon is testing the use of drones to make deliveries in populated areas, but the Lakemade Beer Company of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is testing the idea of drones in decidedly unpopulated areas--namely, ice fishing shacks.

Lakemade Beer drone delivery

“Our tests are on vast, wide-open frozen lakes free of trees and power lines. Our drone can fly as the crow flies, straight to our target, based on GPS coordinates provided by an ice angler. Fish houses are very uniform in height, so we can fly lower than FAA limits, too,” said Lakemade Beer Company president Jack Supple. “It’s the perfect proving ground for drone delivery. Our initial tests on several mid-size lakes have been very successful. We’re looking forward to testing the range of our drones on larger lakes.”

Here’s a video of the service in action:

Lakemade is pushing its new Frosty Winter lager, and although this drone business amounts to little more than a publicity stunt, it’s actually a pretty great idea in locations like the one in the video, or any campground or RV park, really.

Of course, there are obstacles, most notably FAA regulations for small businesses and drones and the need for buyers to produce ID. But hey, beer is involved, so let’s get going on this. Surely there’s a lawmaker out there who enjoys ice fishing and beer that could push some legislation. Someone write to that person immediately.