Lady Gaga Gets Her Own Headphones, No Poker Face Needed

While we're always a tad skeptical when some company selects a flavor-of-the-week artist to endorse its products, we're doubly so when a company selects two artists to endorse its products. Take Monster, for example, which is probably best known for charging insane prices for cabling in big box retailers and somehow convincing consumers that their copper wiring is superior.

Monster, alongside the famous Dr. Dre and the increasingly famous Lady Gaga, has this week decided to push out a new set of headphones. The device falls into the Beats By Dr. Dre product line, and the name--Heartbeats by Lady Gaga--brings a chuckle at first glance. As expected, these earphones mesh style and sound to produce a set of plugs that even those highly concerned with fashion would sport. As the press release puts it:

"Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are designed to give users a high-performance headphone option that literally doubles as a high-tech fashion accessory or attractive piece of jewelry. They feature a multi-faceted, glossy surface and high-tech build materials, with a jewel-inspired earpiece cosmetic. The headphones are available in three separate versions, including a metal body with rose red jewel-shaped earpiece, metal body with all chrome jewel-shaped earpiece and black-on-black body and jewel-shaped earpiece design. The headphones are outfitted with a specially design stylish and tangle-free cable."

The new headphones will arrive in a red carrying case with an assortment of eartips, and they also sport Monster's own flat cable design to resist tangling. They'll ship this October in a variety of colors for between $99.95 and $149.95.