Kingston Kicks Out Its First 32GB microSDHC Card

Kingston this week announced it will soon be shipping its first-ever ultra-large 32GB microSDHC card. It's a Class 4 memory card that will go on sale Monday, October 11, 2010, serving up twice as much capacity as Kingston's previous flagship microSDHC part. That's good news for all you smartphone and superphone users looking to cram your device full of high-def photos, movies, and apps.

"The need for additional portable storage has grown as the mobile phone has transitioned from a simple voice device to a powerful multifunctional tool which is used to email, listen to music, take photos and watch movies," said Mike Kuppinger, Flash card product manager, Kingston®. "Mobile phones are about more than just staying in touch as we also use them to take pictures at our kids' sporting events, shoot videos on vacation and post to social media sites. An extra 32GB of expandable memory takes these capabilities even further."

Kingston claims you'll be able to store some 29,000 photos, over 6,000 songs, and more than 2,000 minutes of video on the 32GB card. And as for compatibility, the memory card maker says it tested "flawlessly" on all the latest and greatest gadgets, including the HTC Evo 4G and Shadow, Motorola Droid X, Rim BlackBerry Bold 9000, and Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.

The new 32GB card will carry an MSRP of $153, or $155 with an SD adapter. Kingston will also sell the card with two adapters or a memory card reader, both of which will run $159.