Just Cause 3 Launch Marred By Technical Issues, Devs Give No ETA For Patch

After the debacle that was Batman: Arkham Knight, you'd think that the biggest game publishing houses would put forth extra effort to make sure they didn't replicate that total mess. Well, it's starting to look like some haven't learned the lesson, as the massively hyped and just-launched Just Cause 3 has a boatload of issues right out of the gate.

Sometimes, it's exclusively the PC version (due to bad porting) that's the problem, but not with Just Cause 3. Even console users are experiencing a variety of problems, with the most frustrating being a poor framerates, or performance variations in general. In some cases, the game's water might not even appear, making navigation quite an interesting process.

Just Cause 3

For what it's worth, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix are acknowledging problems, but this is immediately countered with word that there's no set date for a patch that attempts to fix these issues. The blog posting reads, "Right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have huge numbers of players in our enormous game world and we're monitoring all the data coming in."

That's fair enough, and we wouldn't expect it to really take that long for the first patch to come out. All we can do is hope that we don't run into an endless cycle of receiving new patches that don't seem to fix much of anything, a la Arkham Knight.

As buggy as Just Cause 3 is, it's worth noting that this is hardly an unusual thing for a newly-launched game nowadays. Even Fallout 4, despite being amazing, launched with a slew of issues, and there was no patch made available until just today - three weeks after the game's launch. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is another game that launched with an incredible amount of bugs, but to CD Projekt RED's credit, it wasted no time rolling out one patch after another to fix things as quickly as possible.

While console gamers of Just Cause 3 are effectively stuck until a patch comes out, the game's developers recommend PC gamers go to the official forums over at Steam, as a number of troubleshooting tips might help smooth the situation over until that first patch drops.