Join Us LIVE Wednesday For A Ryzen 6000 Chat With AMD Director Of Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock

AMD director of technical marketing Robert Hallock
AMD is certainly busy these days with product launches at all ends of the spectrum, and we love to see it—competition is alive and well in the tech space. That also means there is plenty to talk about. Back in January, we sat for a chat with AMD Gaming Chief Frank Azor to discuss a plethora of topics from CES (be sure to check it out if you missed it), and now AMD's Director of Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock, is carving time out of his schedule to discuss with us the Ryzen 6000 series.

Also known as Rembrandt, the Ryzen 6000 series of mobile CPUs represent the culmination of AMD's latest IP in both CPU and GPU design, with refined Zen 3+ CPU cores (6nm) paired up with integrated graphics based on the same RDNA 2 architecture that underpins AMD's Radeon RX 6000 family of GPUs. And we're going to discuss it with Hallock.

You can join us live on Wednesday, March 15 at 5:30pm ET (2:30pm PT) on YouTube, Facebook, or right here...

We've spent some hands-on time with the Ryzen 6000 series in our ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop review, and will undoubtedly get more opportunities to do so as more products release with AMD's latest mobile hardware inside.

AMD also just announced a release date and pricing for its Ryzen 7 5800X3D with stacked 3D V-cache and expanded its Ryzen lineup with as part of a Spring refresh, so who knows where the discussion will lead. And of course we'll be taking questions from the audience, so think about what you want to ask and be sure to tune in!