IT Career Skills Required In 2010

Think you're all that and a Can-o-Pringles when it comes to IT?  Think again maybe...  The global economy is requiring a new skill-set from the average IT professional.  ComputerWorld has a little G2 for you on how to measure up in the future perhaps.

"The most sought-after corporate IT workers in 2010 may be those with no deep-seated technical skills at all. The nuts-and-bolts programming and easy-to-document support jobs will have all gone to third-party providers in the U.S. or abroad. Instead, IT departments will be populated with "versatilists" -- those with a technology background who also know the business sector inside and out, can architect and carry out IT plans that will add business value, and can cultivate relationships both inside and outside the company. "

Seems like we better all bone-up in that Business Administration 101 class, to go along with that PHP programming...

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