I-STAR Rack Mount Server Case, OCZ PSU and More

Good morning, how is everyone doing?  I just got back from celebrating Xmas with my parents and as usual Santa made his appearance and spoiled the whole of the family, immensely.  So, with a new Infinity Home Theater system to setup, we are going to delve into HH News Bin and see what we can find... ;)

Here is your AM update....

 I-STAR D-400L 4U Rack Mount Server Chassis @ ClubOC

"It's not that often, but every now and then we get the pleasure of working with some exceptional server products. Thanks to I-STAR, this is one of those times. Today I have one of the nicest rack mount server chassis I've ever seen, the D-400L. This massive 19" x 27.1" chassis isn't your ordinary slide in box with the bare minimum."

 OCZ ModStream 520W PSU @ Viper Lair

"PSUs haven't really changed much over the past several years. Other than form factor changes and increased power output, a typical PSU today isn't that much different from one of five years ago. We may get UV covers and cables, LED lights, but generally, you stick one into your case and plug in the necessary power cables and pray you didn't buy a bunk one that will fry your system."

 Gigabyte N512 Notebook @ Legion Hardware

"The Gigabyte N512 is a very versatile notebook that can be used for a number of tasks. Although this is not the ultimate gaming notebook, it can tackle most games with very modest settings. Playing games such as Unreal Tournament 2004 or anything of the equivalent will be great fun on this notebook, as it plays them almost effortlessly."

 DFI LANParty UT 915P-T12 Motherboard @ Bjorn3D

"Today, I'm looking at the LANParty UT 915P-T12, which is a board based on the Intel 915P chipset. It offers support for both DDR and DDR2, but you can only use one type at a time of course. With four DIMM slots, this leads to a limitation of 2GB for the maximum amount of RAM, which should be more than plenty for 99.9% of users. The board also features dual Gigabit LAN (one being on the PCI-Express bus), PCI-Express x16 graphics and DFI's proprietary Karajan audio card. To find out more, check out DFI's press release and be sure to keep reading."

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