Is Google The Replacement For The Library Of Congress?

Organizing the world's information is a big job. The Library of Congress has been trying to do it for years. Is Google doing it better, for free?

While Google talks to corporations and Wall Street about its desire and means to drive the sky's-the-limit profits to Google shareholder coffers, The Library of Congress reaches out to individuals and organizations for development "support" of "a key resource for an informed electorate." Google Inc.'s $150 billion market cap belies its corporate public serving mission statement. Nevertheless, Google's "philosophy" that "democracy on the web works" combined with its 50%+ search market share leads many to view Google as a public service and expect Google to operate as such.

If Google is a public utility now, it's the best one I've ever seen. Google should take over other utilities, so when I turn on the tap free water comes out, with water suppliers paying to put the water in the pipe. Read it here.