Is AMD Trying to Get Into Apple's CPU Socket?

The rumors of an AMD based Apple PC have been going around since at least the time of the original Athlon launch, and possibly even earlier. To date that is all they are, rumors. However, with ATI being a long-time Apple supplier, and now part of AMD, anything is possible. Do keep in mind while you're reading this, that Apple has often used rumors of switching CPU to negotiate better prices with existing vendors. Isn't it about time for bulk orders of Santa Rosa?

"The tale runs that Apple wants to have a second source for its CPUs, and use a company that will build "platforms" for all. Even humble Nvidia is hot in the running for making chipset for second generation Macs with Intel and AMD CPUs inside. The integrated graphics performance and stability of Mac mini just ain't cutting it, and Steve Jobs hates to eat his own words."


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