Cheapest 2018 iPhone May Be Much More Expensive Than We Thought

This week is a big one for fans of Apple smartphones, as the company will announce iPhones on Wednesday. Rumors have been plentiful about these new iPhones with the LCD base version being the device that has garnered much of the attention. This device has been tipped to have tiny bezels -- about half the size of the bezels on the costlier OLED packing iPhone models. Other rumors have claimed that the LCD 2018 iPhone would sell for about $699 making it much more affordable than the OLED models.


Only days before the event to unveil the devices is set to happen new rumors have turned up with one suggesting that the LCD iPhone, previously called the iPhone 9, will launch as the iPhone Xc. The biggest of the rumors on the so-called iPhone Xc comes in pricing. This rumor reportedly comes from investment firm Goldman Sachs stating that it now believes Apple will launch the iPhone Xc at $849, much higher than the $699 price point tipped before.

Gladman Sachs notes that the effect of the $849 price for the base iPhone on the other models means that pricing on those devices goes up as well. The iPhone Xs is tipped for a $999 price with the iPhone Xs Max pushing even higher than that. Previous pricing rumors had pegged the iPhone Xs Max to be about $100 more expensive than the iPhone Xs. If that price step up holds true, this likely means the iPhone Xs Max will go for right at $1,100.

Goldman analyst Rod Hall has gone so far as to admit their previous pricing estimates had been incorrect and stated the firm would "take this opportunity to eat our hat." If this pricing comes to pass, the discounts expected on the new iPhones that many saw as a way to reach out to iPhone fans alienated by the high prices of last year's new iPhones were wrong. We only have a few days left until we find out if this new rumor is true.