6.1-inch Apple iPhone 9 Reportedly To Sport Full Active Display With Ultra-Thin Bezels

Apple is set to launch three new iPhones this year with two of those being OLED devices according to rumors. The third device is said to be a much more affordable LCD equipped device with screens rumored earlier to be supplied by LG. That 6.1-inch standard LCD-based iPhone is widely expected to outsell its OLED counterparts. A new rumor is making the rounds today that claims the iPhone with that 6.1-inch display will also have absolutely minuscule bezels.


The device, being called the iPhone 9, is tipped for bezels as thin as 0.5mm and set to launch in late November. One reason that the standard LCD version of the 2018 iPhone is expected to sell in much larger numbers than the OELD brethren is that it will be significantly cheaper while offering virtually the same performance. Word is that these minuscule 0.5mm bezels will be thinner than the bezels the OLED devices offer, making the overall design more appealing for the LCD model.

iPhone X devices with the OLED panels are tipped for bezels twice as thick coming in at 1mm. This new rumor claims that the iPhone 9 with LCD will use Full Active LCD screen sourced from Japan Pixels and it will have a Japan Pixels Eyes touch sensor, refuting the earlier LG rumor. That Japan Pixels tech is what allows the bezels to be made so thin. Not all is roses with the LCD iPhone though, word is that Apple has had some production issues with the device as well.

Mass production is said to have kicked off this month, but these production issues are said to have pushed this device to a November launch, after being announced alongside the two OLED models that will launch sooner. Pricing for the LCD iPhone 9 is rumored to be around $549 for the base version with the possibility of a dual-SIM version as well. Qualcomm confirmed recently that Apple wasn’t using its LTE modems for these new iPhones and that it would instead be using Intel radios exclusively.