Could Apple's Next iPhone Take A Page From Samsung's Galaxy Note 10?

The countdown is on for the debut of the 2019 iPhone models from Apple, and rumors have been flying for months about the devices. A new rumor is making the rounds that support for the Apple Pencil is expected to arrive for the iPhone. Stylus support is a feature that Samsung packs into the Galaxy Note 10, and all Galaxy Note devices that came before it.

iphone 11 max pro case black

Since the Apple Pencil launched, it has only been supported on the iPad and iPad Pro line of tablets. Steve Jobs famously said in the past that the iPhone used the best stylus in the world as he held up a finger. That didn't stop the iPad from gaining Apple Pencil support long ago, and many mat welcome support coming to the iPhone.

iphone max pro cases colors

Multiple case makers have been working with pre-production mock-up devices to create cases, and many of the cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max have a space on the back that is designed to hold the Apple Pencil. Only the big iPhone 11 Pro Max is expected to get support for Apple Pencil. This is apparently a cut-down Apple Pencil, as the model used on the iPad Pro is too large to afix to an iPhone as pictured above.

Apple has been criticized over the last several years for offering new smartphones each year that have minimal improvement over previous generations. As smartphone sales fall and Apple seeks to keep its famously large profit margins, it appears ready to gain those that have sat on the sidelines.

Support for the Apple Pencil gives users a reason other than a bigger screen to jump on its high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple's next-generation iPhones are expected to launch on September 10