iPhone, iPad Users Most Interested in iOS 5; iPod Users Say 'Meh'

Nearly four out of 10 iPhone users (38 percent) have gone out and updated their smartphones to iOS 5, representing the highest adoption rate of any iDevice, according to data provided by Chitka Insights. iPad owners proved the next most anxious to upgrade, with almost a third -- 30 percent -- now rocking Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating system. Coming in a distant third is the iPod crowd, with only 12 percent of users choosing to install iOS 5 so far. What gives?

"Evidently those using the iPod aren’t interested in upgrading to the latest software, most likely because their iPod’s are mainly used for media or on the go purposes," Chitka Insights explains. "While the iPad is functionally similar to the iPod, consumers appear to truly care about having the latest software. This could be attributed to iPad users desire for greater utility and have a more frequent and open interaction with the device’s UI. The iPhone 4S sold over 4 million units in the first weekend, so this certainly contributes to the heightened volume. However, this could be compounded by the fact that many consumers use their cellphones as their primary mobile device, and update it as necessary due to its great utility."

Source: Chitka Insights

Makes sense to us, though we're still somewhat surprised by the comparatively low adoption rate. And while Chitka brings up some interesting points, they're not necessarily accurate; Chitka didn't actually ask why these users did or didn't install iOS 5, only whether or not they did.

Apple announced iOS 5 just over a month ago on October 4th, the same day it unveiled the iPhone 4S.