iPhone Glitch Excuse for Email Affair Falls Flat

Well, as we discussed previously, if you don't know the answer, if you are not a technophile, ask one.

A woman's husband told her that a raunchy photo which had been sent via email from his iPhone was the result of a glitch.  Not the photo itself; he admitted to that.  No, the pic was automatically attached, addressed and sent because of a bug in the iPhone.  Ahem.  The woman, not an expert in these matters, asked the following on the iPhone Support Forum:

Please help! I took my husband's i-phone and found a raunchy picture of him attached to an e-mail to a woman in his sent e-mail file (a Yahoo account). When I approached him about this (I think that he is cheating on me) he admitted that he took the picture but says that he never sent it to anyone. He claims that he went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and they told him that it is an i-phone glitch: that photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? The future of my marriage depends on this answer!

I hate to say it, but the future of her marriage is non-existent.   There was little (if any) support for the theory of such a bug.  I mean, come one, not only did it have to create an email and attach the pic, it also had to address it.  And did she bother checking to see if there was a subject / text in the email?  Unclear, but the iPhone doesn't have enough AI to produce intelligible statements in those fields --- yet.

Finally, she admitted it was time for a lawyer:

Well, if you must know ... it was a close-up shot of him pleasuring himself taken at the exact moment of maximum pleasure. (I'm trying to remain G-rated here.) It's such a good shot that one must wonder if he actually practiced it a few times before getting it right!

Add that picture to the late night phone calls and some other miscellaneous texts and e-mails that I found ... and this is not the first woman ... and let's just say that my atty is working on the divorce complaint.

Nonetheless, I wanted to remain open to the possibility that it was all some big mistake (I think that he is the big mistake) and thank everyone who provided input on this discussion.

He's done it before (cheated) and yet she gave him some "reasonable doubt?"  Wow.  Many say, "once a cheater, always a cheater."  Anyway, maybe she can use the new Google voice search app on his iPhone to find a good lawyer.

Good luck to her.
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