Future iPhones May Gain Apple Pencil Support, Copying Signature Galaxy Note Feature

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Apple is often accused of "adopting" features that have been found on Android devices for years, and making a big deal out of them when finally integrated into its own devices. Qualcomm was nice enough to give us a pretty nice rundown of tech that was first pioneered on Android devices ahead of the official unveil of the iPhone X.

Now, a feature that has been included with the Samsung Galaxy Note series since its introduction in 2011 could be making its way to future iPhones: stylus support. A new report from The Investor says that Apple is working on a way to integrate Apple Pencil support that will be incorporated into its flagship iPhone as soon as 2019.

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At this time, however, it us unknown if this alleged iPhone will have an integrated silo to store the stylus. Given how chunky the current Apple Pencil is, it's possible that it will be a standalone option that you would have to purchase and find a place to stow when not in use (like the iPad Pro family). The Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro costs $99.

Whereas the Galaxy Note 8 uses electro-magnetic resonance (EMR) technology, which has to be embedded below the display panel, future iPhones are said to use a supercapacitor stylus. “A supercapacitor type is cheaper to make compared to the EMR stylus. It also offers a more pen-like feel,” said a source for The Investor.

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If Apple is going to start cribbing features from Android devices, how about adopting the USB-C interface and a microSD slot. The former is a possibility in the future, but the latter is probably out of the question.