Qualcomm Flexes On Apple iPhone X Day, Brags About Its Android Innovation

Qualcomm Patent Wall
It's no secret that Apple and Qualcomm are at odds right now, as legal battles continue to be an unfortunate reality for both companies. At this point, it really doesn't seem clear who's in the right, or more importantly, who will reign victorious.

At least for now, Qualcomm has decided to have a little bit of not-so-subtle fun. In a post made to its website today - the same day as the new iPhone reveal - Qualcomm pats itself on the back for creating a number of technologies that continue to ride the Android wave.

In its list, Qualcomm lists specific technologies it's invented, and then gives some sample devices that the feature was found on. One of the most popular technologies is, of course, Quick Charge, but that's just the beginning. Qualcomm also brought a water resistant touch screen to the Sony Xperia Z4, an OLED display to LG Flex 2, gigabyte LTE to Samsung's Galaxy S8, Bluetooth 5.0 on myriad devices, as well as HDR technologies to various models.

qualcomm features

Perhaps most notably are the technologies Qualcomm has en route. Those include a fingerprint reader under the display, and depth sensing via structured light. Beyond this, Qualcomm pushes hard on VR and AR as well, areas Apple hasn't really shone too much light on in recent years (though that could change at any point).

Really, many of these achievements Qualcomm has made are no secret, but the timing is undeniable: Apple is about to launch its latest top-end iPhone. Qualcomm just doesn't want the world to think that because Apple garners so much attention, that it's the leading innovator. To its favor, Qualcomm has the backing of a massive part of the Android ecosystem, so it's in a pretty comfortable position.