LG Reportedly Building Apple LCD And OLED Display Orders For 2018 iPhones

One of the biggest challenges for Apple when it comes to making enough of its smartphones has been getting enough displays over the last several years. Samsung and Apple have had a tie-up for the high-end OLED panels that it uses on the iPhone X, but things haven’t been all roses for the two firms. Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals in the smartphone world and word is that Samsung had to scramble to find something to do with all the OLED panels that Apple wasn't buying.

iPhone X family line up

Apple has also reportedly been pressuring Samsung to lower the cost of the OLED screens. A new report indicates that LG Display will ship OLED panels to Apple in the second half of 2018. LG Display has signed a contract with Apple that will see it ship both LCD and OLED panels to Apple to produce next-gen smartphones that will go into production in the second half of 2018.

Apple is expected to ship a revised version of the iPhone X with OLED screen and a 6.1-inch LCD equipped smartphone as well. Reports indicate that the contract will see LG ship OLED panels in the range of 3-4 million units and ship about 20 million LCD panels this year alone.

The OLED screens are reportedly in production at LG Display's E6 6G fab in Paju. The expectation with this new contract is that LG Display will also secure the majority of the 6.5-inch OLED panel production from Apple for iPhones made in 2019. This will push LG Display to ramp OLED panel shipments to 10 million units this year. The deal will be huge for LG Display as it tries to come back from a massive $87.04 million loss in Q1 2018.

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