Is the iPhone 16 Going Retro? Leaked Mold Shows Familiar Camera Design

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A possible leak of what the iPhone 16's camera hump might look like is in circulation right now, creating its fair share of buzz and disappointment. The leaked photos show molds of the rear cover purportedly of the iPhone 16, revealing a refreshingly simple dual-camera setup in the rear like that of the iPhone X or 12.

Of course, we believe this set of photos is but a long line of prototypes, so as always, take this information lightly. One thing seems certain is that regardless of the iterations we've seen so far, Apple is keeping it simple with a vertical camera arrangement, returning to something the company hasn't done since the iPhone 12 series. The aperture for the camera modules are obviously larger, though.
iPhone 16 molds and mockups
The simplicity of the camera setup might be intentional, i.e. iPhone devices have always been about a camera phone that's easy to pick up and use with great image results. With camera humps on the latest iPhone and Android flagships getting bigger, busier and—more crucially—looking complicated to use, Cupertino might just be wanting to dial that all back a little.

Of course, with talks about including spatial video recording even on the regular iPhone 16 and 16 Max, the unassuming camera hump may hide some impressive hardware. Users of the entire iPhone 16 lineup can expect to record content that can be viewed on the Apple Vision Pro with its wide and ultrawide sensor combo. 

One detail not specified in the leak is which iPhone 16 this mold belongs to. Could these be for the regular and Max versions only? Or maybe it's for a model Apple has discussed yet, such as an SE or Mini? What do YOU think of the (possible) design? Some folks think Apple needs to innovate, not recycle old designs. We kind of like the setup—it almost has a ASUS Zenfone vibe to it.