Leaked 2018 iPad Pro Details Claim 4K Video Over USB-C Support

There were a lot of Apple fans out there who were a bit disappointed when the iPhone event came and went with no detail on the rumored new iPad Pro tablets. Rumors continue to suggest that Apple will hold an event this month where the new iPad Pro will get official. All we have to go on right now are tidbits gleaned from icons and rumor about the new tablets. Apple is expected to go with very slim bezels on the device with no notch; this style was tipped in an icon that was uncovered in iOS 12. A new leak has revealed some details about the 2018 iPad Pro that allegedly come from people familiar with what Apple has planned.

iPad Pro

One of the most interesting tidbits in the leak is that the new iPad Pro devices will support 4K HDR video over USB-C. Inside the settings app for the tablet will be controls that allow users to adjust the resolution, brightness, HDR, and other settings. Being able to output video to a larger screen could go a long way towards making people more productive when working in an office. The video output capability will also be great for relaxing with Netflix or other streaming content.

The rumor claims that the new tablets will give up their home button for Face ID. When Apple moved to Face ID on the iPhones, everyone knew that same feature would be coming to the iPad at some point. Another rumor has claimed that Face ID on the iPad Pro will only work in portrait mode, but subsequent rumors claim that when iOS 12.1 rolls out, support for landscape Face ID will be included; though Face ID won't work upside down according to this leak. The best news with the iPad Pro and the move to Face ID is that the tablet isn’t expected to get a notch to hide the camera as the new iPhones did.

Two different screen sizes are expected with each having WiFi-only and cellular versions; just as the current iPad Pro offers. The official unveiling of the new iPad Pro tablets is expected this month, and new Mac hardware might be along for the ride.