Interview with AMD's Henri Richard

DigiTimes has published the first part of a five-part interview with AMD's Executive VP Henri Richard. With the recent attention the phenomenal preliminary performance claims Intel's upcoming Conroe processor has received, it is no surprise to see AMD stepping up to bat and firing back at those claims. Don't go counting AMD out just yet as there are some interesting statements made which seem to indicate AMD has a strong new product themselves waiting in the wings.

So what I think we are seeing right now are traditional marketing tactics - if you don't have a good product, you talk about your future, and that's what they're doing. There's no doubt in my mind that on paper, their new products are going to be better than their existing products. Where I think they're rather pushing the envelope is in claiming that, without having seen any of our products, they're going to have better products than ours. I think that's pretentious, and I think what we're seeing there is the old Intel.
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