Interview: ATI's Phil Rogers

ExtremeTech has an interesting interview posted today with AMD/ATI's Phil Rodgers. They talk about Vista driver performance, the future of the Catalyst Control Center, and there's also a lot of talk regarding DX10.  

"Well, I believe we still have 10+ years of active development left in GPU architecture before we come close to catching up with offline rendering for movies. So there is lots of scope. However it is way too soon to look beyond DX10 in terms of game usage of graphics. Frankly we have seen very few games yet make full use of DX9 shader model 3.0. And DX10 game development is still in its infancy. I think you, ISVs and gamers are going to be amazed once ISVs really get DX10 fully utilized and showing its power and flexibility. That said, we are already engaged with ISVs and Microsoft to look beyond DX10. Everyone has their laundry list of features so now we have to hammer it down to the next feature set. Nothing ever stays still in this business."
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