Interview: AMD's Simon Solotko and the 3rd Core

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of the triple-core Phenom, coming Q1 2008, BetaNews has an interview with Simon Solotko, AMD's brand manager for the Desktop Division.  They ask questions about the long-term viability of the triple-core CPU, as well as giving him their thoughts on the announcement.

SCOTT FULTON, BetaNews: Is triple-core a long-term investment for AMD, or is an opportunity you can take advantage of now to punch up the product line a little bit?

SIMON SOLOTKO, desktop brand manager, AMD: Well, I think it'll certainly compete extremely well against in-market dual-core products. In general, we will position this product, and I think the market will accept it, above more-or-less all existing dual-core products in-market. And that will be borne out by many of the performance benefits which we'll demonstrate. I think that in general, it's a smart insertion point that has the opportunity, frankly, to help AMD in the space where, over the past twelve months, we've been relatively weak - which is high-end dual-core. We need something to fill that market position - I would call it the $800 - $1000 PC, and I think triple-core, if you just look at current pricing trends, is going to fit nicely there, and it'll be a strong offer from AMD.

Interesting interview, and Solotko shows a sense of humor later in the interview as well.

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