Interesting NVIDIA G80 Rumors

VR-Zone and HardSpell have posted some very interesting rumors regarding NVIDIA's upcoming G80 GPU which seem to contradict all the rumors we've heard thus far. Here, some industry sources have supposedly said G80 will in fact be based on a unified shader architecture much like ATI's R600 GPU. There will be an obscene ~700M transistors with a core frequency scaling up to an unbelievable 1.5GHz. In terms of performance, estimates show roughly 2x the Pixel Shader performance of G71 with an insane 12x jump over G71's Vertex Shader performance! Obviously, we need to take this information with a grain of salt as we have no clue how valid the information could be. Should this be true, ATI is certainly in for a tough battle as this GPU would surely offer exceptional performance. Then again, this could be nothing more than a tactic to get more traffic in which case I feel used like a CD-Key on BearShare.

Our friends have gotten some information of the upcoming NVIDIA G80 and it appears that G80 gonna be unified shader after all. It should be pretty close to the truth and it explained the mystery of the strange DRAM capacities that INQ reported previously. Expect G80 to be out somewhere in mid November along with Kentsfield.


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