Intel's Santa Rosa Targeting Embedded Market

HKEPC has managed to get their hands on some Intel documents which suggest that the company is aiming to bring their upcoming Santa Rosa mobile platform to the embedded market to compete with VIA. Beyond the obvious mobile segment, Intel intends to use the Santa Rosa platform in MoDT (Mobile on Desktop) and MoEB (Mobile on Embedded). Here, the company has designed a reference platform dubbed "Matanzas" to aid in bringing designs to market as quickly as possible. Equipped with support for an 800MHz FSB, DDR2 667 memory, and a DX10 GPU this platform should give VIA's embedded solutions a serious run for their money. With the Santa Rosa platform tentatively scheduled to launch sometime in April, there will be plenty of time to start saving those pennies for a killer handheld come Spring.

"Matanzas is a Socket P Merom based design, using Crestline as the north bridge coupled with ICH8M as the south bridge, supports 800MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR-2 667 and build-in DirectX 10 GPU. Together with ULV Merom, it would be a very good rival to VIA Embedded IA solution. A document of "Santa Rosa for Embedded Market" hints that a prerelease version of Matanzas has been released as early as May 2006. The second version is coming in Aug. to Sept., and the whole Santa Rosa platform is expected to lunch in April 2007."


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