Intel X38 Chipset To Support NVIDIA SLI?

Charlie over at The Inquirer posted another blurb today stating that Intel's upcoming X38 chipset will support NVIDIA's SLI multi-GPU technology, as well as ATI's CrossFire.  This rumor first hit during Computex, but NVIDIA reps spoke up and claimed it was false at the time.  Now The Inquirer claims that they've spoken with some unamed engineers and that they have confirmed that X38 will support SLI...
"Now we are sure that NV will deny it up and down, but seeing as how they have trouble with anything relating to the truth, I would urge the reader to ignore them. The engineers tell us that SLI drivers are in the final state of polishing with a few bugs left to quash, but plenty of time remains to finish things up."
As always, time will tell.  X38-based motherboards should be arriving sometime next quarter.