Intel Slashing Prices, Bushwhacking AMD Again

AMD got a little buzz last week when they talked about the bigtime capabilities of their next-generation  processors, code-named Barcelona, due out later this year. As usual, Intel doesn't hesitate to ramp up the pressure on their competitor, and is planning huge price cuts on their  existing versions of  quad-core  processors for desktops and servers. According to DailyTech, the price cuts will kick in on July 22nd.
The first part of the price cuts will center on Intel's quad-core desktop processors. The Q6600, which Intel launched in February, currently sells for $530 in quantities of 1000. When the product was originally launched, it was priced at $851 in quantities of 1000. The next round of price cuts will effectively lower the price to $266. The selling price of the Intel QX6700 will also be lowered, coming in at $530 by the end of July.

Intel is also slashing the prices of its quad core Xeon DP processors. The flagship Xeon DP X5355 will see its introductory $1172 price drop to a more manageable $744. Likewise, Intel's slowest 1333MHz FSB Xeon DP processor will drop to $316 while the Intel's two low-voltage Xeon DP L5320 and L5310 processors will fall to $320 and $273 respectively.
Lower prices for faster processors is great for the consumer. But price pressure from Intel might  make AMD chips from Barcelona seem as confused as this server from Barcelona.
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