Intel Press Releases, Vantec HD Enclosure, and More

Good afternoon folks!  How are you all doing today?  The crew here at HH all seem to be doing well, although we have been unusually busy as of late.  There just seems to be a neverending stream of product announcements / launches recently.  But that's good news, right?  :)  That's what keep us all going here on HotHardware! Oh man, we just can't wait to tell you all about what's coming in the next few weeks...

Intel Collaborates With Nokia, Symbian To Help Deliver Series 60 Platform-Based 3G Smartphones Using Intel Technology

SYMBIAN EXPO, London, Oct. 5, 2004 - Intel Corporation, Nokia Corporation and Symbian Ltd. announced today a collaboration to bring smartphones based on the Nokia Series 60 Platform to market using Intel technology as part of Intel's recent membership in the Nokia Series 60 Product Creation Community. Also, Intel and Symbian have agreed to invest in the joint development of a reference platform to enable a new class of 3G devices based on Symbian OS™ and Intel(R) XScale(R) Technology.

The Series 60 Platform, built on Symbian OS, is one of the world's leading smartphone platforms. It is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phone manufacturers including Lenovo, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens. Support for a large color screen, easy-to-use interface and extensive suite of applications make this software platform ideally suited to support new mobile services such as email, browsing and streaming. Read More...

Intel Cooperates With Japanese PC, CE And Content Industries To Promote Use Of Premium Content In The Digital Home

Content Protection Specification Enables Secured Sharing of Broadband and Broadcast Content in the Home

TOKYO, Oct. 5, 2004 - Intel Corporation called for the importance of industry-wide cooperation based on industry specification-based technology, including content copyright protection, in order to promote the use of premium content to create a new digital home market segment to provide products and services that meet the needs of consumers. Louis Burns, Intel vice president and general manager of the Desktop Platforms Group, presented the keynote speech to approximately 1,000 industry leaders and influencers at CEATEC Japan 2004.

In Intel's vision of the digital home, consumers will be able to enjoy entertainment and multimedia content anywhere, anytime and on any device. An example of this vision would be a consumer using a PC to download a movie from an online provider and then playing it on his DVD player or TV, or downloading music and playing it on his home stereo system.  Read More...

 Vantec NexStar External HD Enclosure Review @

"Today, Vantec was nice enough to send us one of their NexStar External Hard Drive Enclosures. Sporting firewire and USB 2.0 support, this device promises to make any 3.5 hard drive fast and portable."

 DFI LanParty 925X-T2 @ [H]ard|OCP:

"DFI has come into its own in recent years and really made a splash in the enthusiast market with the introduction of the much-praised LanParty line. Continually improving packaging and bundles, DFI strives to be recognized as one of the premier mainboard manufacturers in our circles. DFI offers distinctive components that present a level of customization right out of the box rarely seen in the market. They have taken the concept of LAN parties and turned it into a niche."

 Soltek EQ340IM QBiC SFF PC Review @ PCStats:

"In this review, PCstats is investigating what the Soltek QBIC miniPC has to offer. This is a bare bones Small Form Factor (SFF) PC, based on the Intel i865G chipset and Pentium 4 800MHz FSB processor architecture. Soltek's EM340IM QBiC model supports any current Pentium 4 Northwood CPU, so if you don't need a lot of power simply get yourself an inexpensive chip and you're all set."

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