Intel Press Release, HIS X700 and More

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Intel Has Double Vision: First Multi-Core Silicon Production Begins

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 7, 2005 – Intel Corporation today announced it has completed initial production runs of dual-core processors and provided further details about its multi-core plans to its customers, signaling the beginning of an era when PCs will have two or more "brains" inside.

Intel plans to deliver two separate dual-core products and dual-core-enabled chipsets for its Pentium(R) processor-class families in the second quarter, including the Pentium(R) processor Extreme Edition. The Intel(R) Pentium(R) Processor Extreme Edition will include Hyper-Threading Technology, providing the ability to process four software "threads" simultaneously.

"In addition to our products, we are investing heavily to further prepare the industry for the shift to multi-core computing platforms," said Robert Crooke, vice president, Desktop Platforms Group and general manager, Desktop Marketing and Strategic Planning, Intel. "We accelerated this effort with the introduction of Hyper-Threading Technology three years ago and we're extending it by building multi-core processors. Platforms based on Intel multi-core technology will provide the performance and responsiveness consumers and businesses need to get the most enjoyment and productivity from their applications."

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 Logisys LED Stove Fan Review @ Mikhailtech

"The concept behind the Stove Fan is the mounting of LEDs directly above the fan blades rather that inside the motor or the frame. That's right, the LEDs spin with the fan blades. The rated lifespan is somewhat disappointing: 20,000 hours. This translates into a little over 2 years of continuous operation which, while more than enough for most users (over 4 years if you turn off your computer when you go to sleep), is significantly less than the 50,000 hours of most other fans. LEDs aside, the fan itself is a bit unusual. It uses 9 straight blades (as opposed to the 3, 5, or 7 curved ones found on other fans) and has a supporting frame on both sides. Both the frame and blades are transparent to allow for the light to shine through."

 Ultra Products Glossy Dragon @ Overclockers Online

"In the past we have taken a look at some cool stuff from Ultra. Including some hot power supplies, some speedy ram, and even UV cases. Ultra has been a strong contender in all types of products and has certainly made a name for itself. Ultra has sent to the table another case for OverclockersOnline's scrutiny."

 HIS X700 Pro IceQ Turbo Review @ Rage3D

"Hightech Information System (HIS), an original ATI launch partner, gained a lot of respect when they first released their IceQ line of graphics cards that featured Arctic Cooling's now legendary VGA Silencer. People were amazed at how well they performed and how quietly they operated. The cards rightfully received many recommendations and awards from online and print publications."

 Gateway 7200XL Review @ Designtechnica

"Gateway's flagship desktop, the 7200XL is the first system we have seen using Intel's new BTX form factor rather than the well-known ATX form factor. This means that the system should theoretically be quieter and remain cooler than a comparably equipped ATX based system while still being able to handle the best components out there. And Gateway certainly doesn't skimp in that department either. The 7200XL comes with ATI's Radeon X800 XT graphics card, a 3.4GHz Intel processor, 1GB of memory and more. What makes this system even more appealing is its price tag, only $2199. Gateway has either been hit-or-miss with their desktops in the past. Let's see how the 7200XL stacks up."

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