Intel Details Pine Trail Platform And Moblin v2

We already knew that Intel was pushing Moblin mighty hard, but now the evidence of its fondness is just overwhelming. In a new deck of slides released this week, Intel has detailed Pine Trail and Moblin, hailed as its next generation platform for netbooks and nettops. Intel also made known that Moblin version 2 Beta was now available for download.

Speaking of Pine Trail, that's the codename for Intel's next Atom platform, which is currently on schedule to be released "later this year." It'll feature a 3-to-2 chip partition for increased performance and lower average power consumption, and considering just how long in the tooth the current Atom lineup is getting, we'd say the sooner the better.

Have a look at the slides below for more details on Intel's future netbook / nettop plans, and feel free to give Moblin v2 a run to see just how impressed you will (or won't) be with next year's MIDs and UMPCs.