Intel Core i7 CPUs & X58 Motherboards Available

After a quick search of Newegg’s site, we’ve found that Intel’s trio of initial Core i7 processors and an array of X58 Express chipset-based motherboards have been made available, just shy of two weeks since our launch article hit the web.

The Core i7 920 (2.66GHz), 940 (2.93GHz) and Core i7 Extreme 965 (3.2GHz) are all selling for a small premium at the moment--$319, $599, and 1069, respectively—but the X58 motherboards are priced right in line with expectations. MSI’s offering is the least expensive at the moment at about $220, and ASUS’ flagship Rampage II Extreme is currently the most expensive at almost $400.

Coincidentally, we’ve got MSI’s X58 Platinum and ASUS’ Rampage II Extreme in the lab at the moment, and will be posting our full evaluations of each board shortly.