Intel Centrino DDR2 Investigation

Continuing their investigation on mobile memory performance with linux, Phoronix is looking to see how various memory configurations effect the Pentium M's performance. Today they'll be testing DDR 2 PC2-4000 memory, ranging from 512MB to 2GB.

"In our previous piece yesterday, we had covered the performance benefits of using a 16MB cache on 2.5-inch mobile devices compared to the traditional 8MB capacity and overall we were pleasantly surprised by our penguin findings. Today we are going to be looking again at mobile memory performance under Linux but rather than the form of permanent storage, we are examining various memory configurations and its effect on the Pentium M performance. In this article we will be testing the system in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 configurations."

As usual, 2GB doesn't provide a substantial performance gain over 1GB. Unless you're constantly multitasking with memory intensive programs, encoding large audio or video files, or playing a lot of BF2 which enjoys the extra 1GB, having a full 2GB might not be necessary.