Intel Bensley(Dempsey) Preview, ASUS Z63A Whitebook Laptop

Hey folks! ATI has sent us word that the Radeon X1800 XT should now be available. It still might be awhile before you can actually get your hands on one, doing a quick search at newegg reports 11/15/2005 as the ETA. Still, this will be some good competition for Nvidia, and will hopefully continue to drive down prices of the previous generation of graphics cards. Good times :) Enjoy the news...

ATI Ships the Fastest Graphics Processor on the Planet

Record breaking Radeon(R) X1800 XT now available

MARKHAM, ON – November 9, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated Radeon(R) X1800 XT, the fastest graphics processor on the planet, is now available for gamers and enthusiasts seeking an unprecedented level of 3D performance and image quality.

The new Radeon X1800 XT, which began shipping on November 3, ahead of schedule, features a radically new ultra-threaded 3D architecture and ATI's revolutionary Avivo™ video and display technology platform, designed to unleash visual and performance possibilities that gamers until now could only dream about getting from a PC graphics processor.

"ATI is thrilled to announce worldwide availability of the Radeon X1800 XT," said Rich Heye, Vice President and GM, Desktop Discrete Products, ATI Technologies Inc. "We've shipped thousands into retailers and e-tailers worldwide, and gaming enthusiasts are enjoying the very best in visual quality, stability and next-generation performance."

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1 Digital Camera @ Designthechnica

"This is probably the most anticipated digital camera this season and it's due to be officially introduced mid-November for under $1,000. The just-introduced 12.8MP Canon EOS 5D ($3,299) was the other object de lust since it's the world's "smallest and lightest" full frame D-SLR. With full frame cameras there's no "digital factor" so all lenses including fish-eyes are their true focal lengths."

Intel Bensley (Dempsey) Preview - UPDATED! @ 2CPU

"Since all of the big names are really focusing on "performance-per-watt" these days, I figured that I should probably jump on the bandwagon too. I was really interested to see how the power consumption would compare across the three test machines. Nocona Xeons have a TDP of 110w, Dempsey has a TDP of 130w. Hell, even my old original Opteron 246s have a TDP of 90w!"

WinFast 6150K8MA @ t-break

"We've already talked about the integrated video features in the chipset article, but to put it briefly, you get a SM3.0 capable Direct-X 9.0 GPU with PureVideo technology. FoxConn has a DSUB connector on the back panel and an S-Video TV-Out cable is included in the package, however, the header for connecting the TV-Out module is missing."

ASUS Z63A Whitebook Laptop Review @ Legit Reviews

"The performance capabilities of the Centrino package are amazing. The ASUS Z63A is as fast as my overclocked Pentium-4 desktop in almost all computing tasks. The integrated graphics performed flawlessly in office tasks and DVD playback, and will run any games except for the most 3D-intensive titles... "