Intel Alder Lake Laptop With Arc A370M Mobile GPU Breaks Cover In Leaked Benchmark

Intel Arc Alchemist
Are you thirsty for more information regarding Intel's upcoming Arc GPUs? So are we. That's why we were pretty interested in a new result that appeared in the BAPco database for an unreleased Intel laptop test platform with an Alder Lake CPU and an Arc Alchemist discrete GPU.

The specific model name given for the Intel dGPU is "Intel Arc A370M Graphics". That's the first time we've seen such an official-sounding model number leaked in a benchmark—Intel hasn't seen fit to announce a lineup of models for its Arc dGPUs just yet. The Arc dGPU is paired with a fairly-fancy Core i7-12800H CPU, but only 8GB of single-channel DDR5-4800 memory, implying that this is probably not a shipping configuration. The given system name of "Intel Corporation AlderLake-P DDR5 RVP" supports that conclusion.

Crossmark is a system benchmark that primarily focuses on productivity tasks and general desktop workloads (like browsing), so the results aren't particularly informative with regard to the Arc part specifically. We also don't actually know where the A370M slots into Intel's product stack. The only other Arc part we've heard named is in an older leak, also from APISAK, who remarked that the A380 will be similar in performance to a GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER, so the A370M is probably position below that somewhere.

You can check out the Crossmark result for yourself here, although note that you'll need a BAPco login to do so. Don't forget to participate in Intel's Alchemist scavenger hunt, too.