Intel 915P Shootout Grand Finale, Coolink BAT1VS HSF, and more!

Hey folks, I'm here to bring you a little news to cap off your night. We have reviews for the Demon 480w Power Supply, Coolink BAT1VS HSF, and a few more items. Check back tomorrow for more of what you love :) Goodnight.

Demon 480w Power Supply @ Controlled-Insanity

"The Demon includes all of the standard connections you may need, the 20 pin ATX, P4 connector, 2 floppy connectors, and 2 strings, with 3 molex connectors on each. These are again, all pre-modded with nice blue connectors. If you have ever replaced these before, you will understand the value of having these pre-modded, especially the 20 ping connector."

Coolink BAT1VS HSF @ Phoronix

"When pulling the Coolink BAT1VS out of the shipping crate, we were stunned at its immense size but little did we know just how big it really was... When installing the BAT heatsink it covered up 26% of the motherboard! Although the unit may be massive, in both weight and size, it will be interesting to see if it can effectively drive down the CPU temperature."

ECS KN1 Extreme Mainboard on NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra @ X-Bit labs

"Are you looking for an inexpensive mainboard on NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra? Then you might want to check out the new ECS KN1 Extreme, which at first glance offers excellent features and a very appealing price of only $120. But will this product prove up to your expectations? Read our review to answer this question."

Intel 915P Shootout : The Grand Finale

"Our mega 915P Express motherboard shootout comes to a close with definitive benchmarks and feature analysis on each of the 17 motherboards showcased. Read on to find out which board will give you the best performance or best value today."

ASUS's A8N-SLI Deluxe vs DFI's LanParty UT nF4 SLI-D @ HEXUS

"Both come recommended, but the DFI has strings to its bow that you will not find elsewhere. Go forth and purchase, there's absolutely no finer Athlon 64 mainboard at the time of writing."

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