IKEA Launches BRÄNNBOLL Gaming Collection To Level Up Your Play

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IKEA is launching its BRÄNNBOLL collection, bringing 20 different items that the company hopes to entice gamers with. This is part of an ongoing effort by IKEA to tap into the lucrative gaming market, which started in 2021 with the launch of its collaboration with the ASUS Republic of Gamers brand.

This time the collection feels a lot more IKEA than Republic of Gamers. It features a variety of colorful furniture that hews closer to the aesthetic the company is well known for. It’s in contrast to the collaboration with ASUS ROG, which had a strong ROG aesthetic with everything being available in black or stark white.

Philip Dilé, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden, says that "With BRÄNNBOLL, we are embracing the idea that gaming is for everyone and belongs everywhere in the home. It's about making it simple for people to create spaces that adapt to gaming, living, and everything in between.”

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According to IKEA the main focus of this new collection is seating, with the company offering several options that it says will “support different gaming postures and scenarios.” The one questionable decision is the inclusion of an inflatable chair, which sounds like an ergonomic nightmare and will inevitably end up in the trash bin sooner rather than later. [Editor's note: And good luck if you have cats!]

There’s also a gaming station that is the most gamer centric part of this new collection. IKEA says it will feature “a foldable tabletop, integrated PC tower storage, cable management, that transforms effortlessly from a playground to a discreet storage unit.” There will also be accessories such as a mousepad and rug to round out a setup.

Gamers looking to add a little color to their life while retaining gaming focused features can look forward to the BRÄNNBOLL collection launch in September of 2024.
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