ASUS Confirms ROG Mjolnir Power Station Teased On April 1 Is Actually Real

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It's quickly becoming a tradition for ASUS to announce a new, seemingly absurd product on April 1st and then turn around days later and say "oh, by the way, that's real and we're going to be showing it at Computex." It happened with the ROG Ally handheld last year, and this year the company's ROG Mjolnir power station turns out to be real thing, too.

Only, we're not sure what it actually is. Bereft of any sort of official press release or product page, we can only speculate based on what Asus has said on Xwitter as well as the single useful picture of the device. In posts on Xwitter, the company says that the ROG Mjolnir can "harness the energy of the sun to charge your devices" and "illuminate your path with the lightning summoned by it."

inline detail rog mjolnir

From those two statements, and from the presence of multiple power outlets on the side of the device, we can presume that the Mjolnir is some kind of massive power bank, and that the "handle" of the "hammer" is in fact a light—possibly a detachable flashlight. We can also assume that it has solar charging, and we can clearly see that it has four 120V North American power outlets on it as well as what looks like two USB Type-C ports and two USB Type-A ports. It's also surprisingly huge, considering the size of the power ports.

inline rog mjolnir picture 2
The other picture of the ROG Mjolnir released by Asus on April 1st.

The end appears to have a hole, perhaps an exhaust for a cooling fan, and there also seems to be a screen indicating remaining charge level and power output in watts, which leaves us wondering if this is actually in fact a gigantic power bank or rather intended to be used as a UPS. Below the USB ports, there is what looks like a large barrel plug or possibly a USB Type-B port; if it uses an external power adapter for charging, then there's our answer.

ASUS has promised to deliver more details during Computex 2024, so we'll just have to wait and see what the story with the ROG Mjolnir actually is.