iBuypower Reveals First Steam Machine Prototypes

Part of Valve’s Steam Machines gaming strategy is to employ third-party builders, and the first of those has been revealed. Boutique gaming PC builder iBuypower showed off its first two Steam Machine prototypes, dubbed Gordon and Freeman, that will enter the market to compete with gaming consoles mainstays Xbox One and PS4.

The two models are the same, but one has a clear light band around the middle while the other remains black when it’s not lit (according to Engadget), and they’re currently running an almost-finished version of Steam OS. Of course, they’ll ship with at least one Steam Controller, too.

iBuypower steam machine prototype
iBuypower Steam Machine prototype (Credit: The Verge)

There’s not a lot known about the internals, but the boxes will have WiFi, Bluetooth, and 500GB hard drive, as well as an integrated power supply, and it will run any Steam games at 1080p at 60fps.

iBuypower’s machines run an AMD multicore CPU and an AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card and that Gordon and/or Freeman will cost $499.