Hulu to Host Premieres, Some Before TV Broadcast

Hulu, the joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. (Fox) announced on Tuesday post the premieres of many shows not as soon as they appear on TV, but rather prior to broadcast. Hulu said it would be showing the season-opening episodes of Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Life and 30 Rock a full week before the shows hit the airwaves.

 You can find Hulu's fall premiere lineup here, which will be coming to the site over the next seven weeks.

While new to Hulu, this isn't the first time that season premieres have appeared online prior to broadcast. For example, earlier this year NBC Universal launched season four of Battlestar Galactica on 10 hours before broadcast, and Showtime premiered the season two opener of The Tudors on YouTube.

Watch Tuesday's season premiere of Prison Break, "Scylla," below:
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