Huge Target PlayStation 5 Restock Could Be Your Best Chance Yet At Scoring A Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation 5 Consoles
The deals season is shifting to Cyber Monday, which will bring with it a mix of fresh new bargains and carryovers from Black Friday. Know what else it will bring? Console restocks—Walmart confirmed it will sell a limited number of PS5 systems on November 29 starting at 12pm ET (9am PT), and not to be outdone, it sounds like Target is preparing for its biggest PS5 restock ever.

Nothing has been officially announced on behalf of Target, but serving as the next best thing, popular console inventory status tracker Jake Randall (@Jake_Randall_YT) posted to Twitter evidence that the retailer is getting ready for its "biggest restock of the year."
"Target stores have the most amount of PS5 they have had in 2021! Inventory photos included, a lot of stores have 50+ and some have over 100! Get ready for Targets biggest restock of the year next week!," Randall says.

Where things get a little fuzzy is exactly when the restock will happen. It's certainly possible that Cyber Monday will be the day, though Randall is skeptical. However, he points out that every PS5 restock at Target in the past has occurred between 6am ET and 9am ET (3am PT and 6am PT). If you're on the West Coast, you'll have to balance staying up very late or getting up early.

Unfortunately, with no date announced or leaked, this also means having to check each day this week. That could make for some very tired eyeballs if the restock happens later in the week (like Friday).

The other caveat is that these consoles will not be available for shipping. Instead, Target will offer them up for sale online with in-store pickup. That could work to your advantage, though, if any of your local Target stores end up with lots of consoles to sell. It could also mean less competition from bots, depending on where you live.

Good luck folks, and let us know if you score one!