HTC’s 5.5-Inch One X9 Comes Into Focus Thanks To TENAA Leak

It's sure been an interesting month for HTC. When the company introduced its One A9 in late October, it looked like a solid offering overall, even if it looked like it plucked some design cues from Apple's iPhone (something an HTC exec vehemently denies). Things became odd, though, when the company bumped the phone's price up to $499, when its debut price of $399, per most opinions, is exactly where it should have remained. And, as if things couldn't get any stranger, the phone took its good ole time reaching consumers after launch. Oy, HTC.

Well, before the One A9 situation can smooth out, we're already being treated to a look at HTC's next smartphone. The One X9 looks like it could be a higher-end version of the A9. It's a 5.5-inch model (versus 5.0), and has a quad-core chip clocked at 2.2GHz (versus 1.5GHz). It's unknown whether or not this is a Qualomm chip, but at 2.2GHz, this phone isn't going to be a slouch.

HTC One X9 leak

Under its hood, the One X9 has 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage. Like the One A9, it has a 1080p display. Other key specs include a 13 megapixel camera at the rear, a 5 megapixel camera at the front, and microSD support. Dimensions are tall, 75.9mm wide, and 7.99 thick. With its beefier size, the One X9 weighs in at 174 grams, adding 31 grams over the A9.

Aesthetically, the One X9 isn't going to make people immediately think of the iPhone like the A9 did, and ultimately, these pictures don't seem that flattering in comparison to that phone. Colors can make a dramatic difference, though, so it's a waiting game to see if HTC will offer a range similar to the one available for the One A9. Interestingly, the front of this phone puts HTC's branding at the top, a move that's a bit uncharacteristic of the company.

There's no word on when we might see this phone be officially announced, but as it's now passed through China's regulatory body TENAA, it wouldn't be surprising to see that happen soon.

Our full review of the HTC One A9 is coming this week. In the meantime, Dave has a video walk-around review of that device, right here...